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Things to Do in & Around Pembroke

Pembroke is considered the heart of Ottawa Valley. As such, you’ll want to be mindful of the attractions in Pembroke the next time you are on vacation, site seeing or looking for interesting heritage and historical sites. Don’t miss what The pretty little city has to offer.

Recommended Family Activities in and Around Pembroke

In Pembroke

Site seeing
Downtown Pembroke
Directions (10 mins)

Guided & self guided tours
1032 Pembroke St E, Pembroke, ON K8A 8A7
Directions (10 mins)

Home of the Lumber Kings. hockey, lacrosse, ball hockey, trade shows, concerts, etc
393 Pembroke St. W Pembroke, ON K8A 7A5
Directions (10 mins)

A blast for your kids with lots of water fun
Mary Street, Pembroke, ON
Directions (7 mins)

Live music every night in the summer
11 Albert Street, Pembroke, ON
Directions (8 mins).

Take a walk through history in Downtown Pembroke!

Take a walk through Pembroke
Thanks to The City of Pembroke for this walk-through
  1. Pembroke City Hall– Constructed in 1889
  2. Muskrat River– Timber was floated down the Muskrat River in the early 1900s
  3. Pembroke Street Bridge– The original wooden bridge was replaced by a stone bridge in 1887 by James W. Munro
  4. Coronation Park– Built in 1937 the year of the coronation of King George VI
  5. John W. Munro Block– Built in 1909, it still remains in excellent condition
  6. Ottawa River– Samuel de Champlain traveled this river in the 1600s
  7. The Portage Sun Dial– Installed in 2007 featuring a wrought iron sculpture
  8. Cockburn Pointer Boat Monument (waterfront)- Constructed in 1993 as a joint project of the Ottawa Valley Historical Society and the City of Pembroke
  9. Churches of Pembroke– Holy Trinity Anglican, Church: 68 Renfrew St., Calvin United Church: 276 Church St., St. Columkille’s Cathedral: 188 Renfrew St.
  10. Pembroke Public Library (237 Victoria Street)- The original town hall
  11. Alexander Moffat House (247 Victoria Street)This white structure was built by one of Pembroke’s first pioneers, Alexander Moffat. From 1929 to 1947
  12. Victoria Hall– Built in 1884
  13. Harry Irwin House (49 Renfrew Street)- Built in 1891, this house has unusual decorative brick work around the windows
  14. Thomas Pink Home (36 Isabella Street)- Built in 1883 by Thomas Pink, founder of Thomas Pink Co. Ltd.
  15. Mary Street Bridge– Originally a foot bridge, it was reconstructed in 1887 at a cost of $4, 530.97
  16. Grey Gables (353 Mackay Street)- This magnificent structure was the home of the Hon. E.A. Dunlop, former Treasurer of Ontario.
  17. Arunah Dunlop Residence (329 Mackay Street)- Built by Arunah Dunlop, father of Hon. E.A. Dunlop in 1880.
  18. John W. Munro Residence (north east corner of Alfred and Mackay Streets)- Munro built this in 1889 of red brick and pink sandstone trim
  19. Lockhart Residence (132 Esther Street at Mackay Street)- J.W. Munro built this in 1897 as a wedding gift for his daughter Isabella
  20. The Old Rowan Stone House (156 Mackay Street)– Built by Joseph Rowan about 1850 in order to lodge his men

Around Pembroke

Algonquin Park

Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario
Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario
Destination: Algonquin Park
Activity: Unspoiled nature, wildlife, camping, and canoeing that will soothe the soul and calm the spirit.
Address: Nipissing, Unorganized, South Part, ON
Distance from Hotel: Directions (1 hour 38 mins)

Military Museum

Activity: Collections of Canadian Airborne Forces Museum
Address:Menin Road, Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3
Distance from Hotel: Directions (25 mins)

Rafting on the Ottawa River

Book Your Family or Adventure Rafting Hotel Package
Book Your Family or Adventure Rafting Hotel Package
Destination: OWL Rafting
Activity: Ottawa River Rafting
Address: 40 OWL Lane,Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0
Distance from Hotel: Directions (43 mins)

Destination: Wilderness Tours
Activity: Ottawa River Rafting
Address: 503 Rafting Rd, Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0
Distance from Hotel: Directions (38 mins)

City of Pembroke Community Guide

Thanks to the City of Pembroke for this wonderful guide

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