Remodeling is Complete at Best Western Pembroke Inn

Imagine the Best & Biggest Hotel in The Valley Made New Again

Remodeling Conference Centres

By Robert Kennedy


OTTAWA VALLEY- The new ownership and management of The Best Western Pembroke Inn & Conference Centre are announcing the remodeling and upgrading of Ottawa Valley’s largest hotel and conference centre.

“We began with the parking area which now provides better parking arrangements for cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles” said Dale Gagne, General Manager. “Now we are focusing on our Conference Centre. First, conference rooms will undergo a make-over then we are going to have a contest aimed at renaming them. They have had the same names and look for over 20 years. Out with the old and in with the new!”

Gagne explains the sequence of renovations. “After the conference centre is completed, each and every guest room will be completely remodeled with new carpet, beds, paint, sinks and kitchenette. We are taking no shortcuts! You thought this hotel was good before….wait until you see it when we are finished. The best part is we are doing this without ANY interruptions to guests currently staying with us.”

Best Western Pembroke Inn and Conference Centre is the largest hotel and conference centre in Ottawa Valley. It has become well known to tourists, travelers, business people, wedding parties and event planners over the years for its amenities and robust facilities.

“We are really excited about the phases of remodeling that have been carefully planned around current and future guests.” Gagne stated with emphasis on current and future guests.

According to Gagne, they are leaving no stone unturned. Every area of this hotel will see some sort of remodeling…wall to wall…top to bottom.

All phases of remodeling are going to cost around 2 million dollars.

Progress Report

LegendGreen= complete | Orange= Not Complete

It’s good to know this hotel has been a favorite for many people living in and visiting Ottawa Valley. The hotel is very comfortable as it is but will continue to improve. Our goal is to provide the best conference facilities and accommodation in the Ottawa Valley.

As we progress through remodeling BEST WESTERN Pembroke Inn & Conference Centre we’ll keep you up-to date here.

Fitness Centre

Progress Description
100% Replace lighting
100% Refinish ceilings
100% New paint
100% New equipment
100% New counters & sinks

Estimated Completion Date: Completed

Parking Lot

Progress Description
100% Remove old asphalt
100% Repave entire parking lot
100% Refinish

Estimated Completion Date: Completed

Conference Level

Progress Description
100% Replace all lighting
100% Refinish all ceilings
100% New paint
100% New carpet

Estimated Completion Date: Completed


Progress Description
100% Replace lighting
100% Refinish ceilings
100% New paint
100% New tiled floors

Estimated Completion Date: Completed


Progress Description
70% Replace lighting
70% Refinish ceilings
70% New paint
70% New carpeted floors
100% New beds (no more double beds, kings & queens only)

Estimated Completion Date: April 15, 2015

Indoor Swimming Pool

Progress Description
100% New salt water pool
100% New hot tub with spill over
100% New Flooring
100% New Mechanical

Estimated Completion Date: November 1st. 2014

Westwinds Restaurant

Progress Description
100% New Lighting
100% New Furniture
100% New Flooring
100% New Bar

Estimated Completion Date: February 1, 2014
See details of indoor pool remodeling project

The Vision

Hotel Exterior 2016


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